Welcome to my personal website/blog. While the social network is great for connections and interactions, it is important for me to have a place where I can pour in my thoughts without being distracted by cats videos (oh you certainly can’t blame me for that, they are so cute!) Plus, the site can be maintained within my Emacs (yayyy Emacs!) so it’s much simpler for me.

The blog is mostly some jibber-jabber or hodge-podge on things I do for a living during the day, i.e. all the serious effort (namely thinking, computing, listening, explaining, and arguing) dedicated to understanding how Nature works at the fundamental level. Often times, these efforts must be made with small baby steps, as it is quite easy to get lost quickly if one jumps to conclusion even accidentally. In that sense, writing it down also forces myself to re-think the big picture, and to examine a lot of details. As one of the professors once told me during graduate school, “research” is approximately equal to “re-search” - searching for ideas and solutions again and again with new understandings from retrospect. Plus, it brings me great joy to share with people who do not happen to be thinking of the same topics, who do not work in this field, or who do not work in physics at all but are curious to understand. After all, Richard Feynman once said, if you cannot explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it.

That said, there will be a lot of discussions on things that I find interesting. That for sure doesn’t make me an expert on all the topics discussed here. Instead, I will try to provide some simple background explanations on various things, including those papers that I publish. For experts working in the field, they may seem too basic, yet for people outside, they may find it still hard to chew. Nevertheless, I hope you may find some of the discussions interesting enough and make you curious. Often times, I throw in some half-baked ideas for fun. Viewer discretion (for these ideas) is advised.

Lastly, as a beyond the Standard Model junkie, I am most interested in phenomena that cannot be easily explained with the current knowledge/framework and thus hint for new physics. However, in understanding the background of each new topic, they often lead me through amazing journeys where I realize how ignorant I had been and how much fun physics is! In sharing the basics of topics related to my research, I hope I could share the excitement with you.

(Note: Starting July 3, 2021, this site is no longer hosted on Google Sites. Some of the old posts will be added after recovery. )

All contents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.