The full publication record can be found here. Here are a few of my recent papers.

  • Challenges for an axion explanation of the muon g-2 measurement, Buen-Abad, Fan, Reece, CS, 2104.03267

  • Constraints on Axions from Cosmic Distance Measurements, Buen-Abad, Fan, CS, 2011.05993

  • Two-Scalar Bose-Einstein Condensates: From Stars to Galaxies, Guo, Sinha, CS, Swaim, Vagie, 2010.15977

  • Probing Boson Stars with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals, Guo, Sinha, CS, 1904.07871

  • Boson Star from Repulsive Light Scalars and Gravitational Waves, Croon, Fan, CS, 1810.01420

  • Hidden-Sector Spectroscopy with Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars, Croon, Nelson, CS, Walker, Xianyu, 1711.02096